Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Another great year at Hill Ridge Farms, Youngsville NC. If you get a chance come out and see us.   It is such a great time for the kids.
I will be here all week. And i will also be here on Halloween!

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Wicked Resurrection - from junk yard to hot rod part 1

Wicked Resurrection of a 1948 Dodge Custom Deluxe  ... 

Part 1

I am not a great blogger.  In fact I have trouble talking about my art in general, until I have had a drink or two as my friends will attest.  This winter I was commissioned to mural a 1948 Dodge Custom Deluxe and due to the amount of work that went into the restoration I really wanted to share the experience.  So this blog, rough as it is, is mostly to share the pictures of the transformation.  I am still waiting for the original photos of the car and details.  So this part 1 starts when I came into the picture.

Tom is a mechanic and he likes fast cars.  He used to have a race truck, details on the motor will come later.  Tom contacted me just before Christmas 2012.

He sent me a couple pictures of the newly painted car all buffed out.

It is a very pretty car.  Ahem! Cool car.

We met at his place in Dunn, NC and talked about theme.  Tom wanted to tell a story from beginning to end.  He wanted it to be unique and nothing like anything else out there.  The idea was to start the story on the hood tell part on the side with the identical image on the other and the ending on the trunk.

We pulled a couple of pictures from the internet for inspiration.  I wish I knew where all of these came from so I could give proper credit.  So if you see something that you know or did please contact me so I can post it.

The idea was that a death has occurred and on a lonely mount a wolf morns for his mistress.  The land is in turmoil like her soul.  The wolf pulls down her cross head stone releasing her to rise again.

To be honest I had no idea how long this would take me to paint.  I have painted large murals before but not something like this.  So my husband suggested that I create a mock up.  This will show Tom what I can do so there are not any unreasonable expectations. I can get an idea of how long it will take me.  And I can get a better idea of color scheme.


This in itself was an interesting project that I think I will blog a how to on later.

One of the running themes is the locket. The next step is to show the mock up to Tom and hash out the details.

In Wicked Resurrection Part 2 Tom and I talk about color and images.

Thank you everybody! Please forgive some of the pictures as they were taken with my phone and are pretty poor quality. Talk to you soon.

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Affordable Murals

Have you been thinking about a special something for your room? 

How about creating a fun atmosphere for the child's room?

Or, how about a dramatic statement to set your business apart? 

My name is Cyndi McKnight. I am a professional artist. I love to create murals and other fine art. I maintain a clean and professional work atmosphere. 

Please visit for examples of some of my current creations.

Or you can visit my web site to view my fine art.

Prices vary on the job. I give free quotes.

Thank you,

Cyndi McKnight
(919) 495-7600
"If it doesn't move fast enough I'll probably put paint on it!" Me.
Please do not contact me with solicitations, Thank you.

My name is Cyndi McKnight. I am a professional face painter, experienced and affordable. I can paint approximately 10 - 15 children in an hour. 

 I love kids and think face painting is the best job in the world. 

Every year I have the pleasure to paint at Hill Ridge Farms for their fall festival. Come join us or call me to book your next event. (919) 495-7600

I use Snazaroo Face Paints and have had really great sucess.

Check out my work at My rate is $40.00 for the first hour and $30.00 for each additional hour with a possible addition if the event is over 30 minutes drive from Bunn, NC.

"Who do you want to be today?"

Cyndi McKnight
(919) 495-7600
Please do not contact me with solicitations, Thank you.

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Nothing is Impossible, even cleaning Courtney's room.

It's NOT that bad.  She said to me as we took a look at the mess we had been putting off for a very long time.  To be totally honest I did not want to clean her room and I kept saying that an eleven year old should be able to clean it up herself.  But after months of sending her to her all day retreats with nothing to show for it I decided we should tackle this together.

"It's NOT that bad".

So we looked around and figures out where we should start.

A look right.  I notice even the mattress can't lie flat.

So we started in a corner and worked our way around the room.

We made a clean spot!

"Ha Ha, I got something caught in my hair when crawling under my bed".

"See? Uh, I can't get it out".

"No really! Can you help me?!"

Next the bed only to cover it again!

Then the table, but everything ended up back on the bed.  Ugh!

Now it is just a massive pile. We have been at it for hours now.  I think we will have to try again tomorrow.

  Hey this isn't so bad.  The pile is getting smaller!


"Oh Yeah".


Told you it wasn't so bad.

After the room was clean Court wanted to move the furniture around.  Now was the perfect time!

We moved the bed and brought out the table.  That made enough room to fit the desk given to her by Grandma.

 Then we put her work table in front of the window for extra light.

We moved the dresser too.

Wiley likes it too.

The walls were painted by me years ago.  If you would like to see more pictures please visit my web site at  The round table was created out of a wire spool from a construction site.  The small chairs were made out of small cable spools.  And the work table is made out of metal pipe.

It only took us 2 days.  When it was all over I showed the pictures to Courtney.  I asked her if she could see how it really was that bad.  She said no. "I really don't see how it was that bad". 

I realized that no matter how clean we get her room, so long as she does not see a problem it will never get better.  I guess you can lead a horse to water but not force it to drink.